A profession is the job of those who daily work with courage, humility, and knowledge.


Change in itself is neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong. It is simply natural. 

Change is that bridge between past, present, and future that gives us back our true nature of living beings, capable of adapting and evolving and, when possible, of improving themselves. 

We live in The Age of Change.


We can't do without the others!

Exclusiveness is no longer working. If we want to achieve our goals, we need the others: those who are different from us.

We must build bridges rather than walls. We must cooperate, participate, and share. We must be inclusive rather than exclusive.

This way, and this way only, we will be the champions!


If we want to make the most of what we do, we need to communicate with the others all around the world.

Relationships, business, art, knowledge: whatever our personal or professional goal is, if we want to boost our results, we must let the others understand us. 

The basic tools for reciprocal comprehension are languages, music, and images. 


Research is the job of all those professionals who are brave enough to explore the undisclosed multiple faces of ordinary reality.  

Creativity & Knowledge

Knowledge is what enables human beings to change the status quo because the ability to change is based on creativity and creativity is based on knowledge. 

 Experience & Training 

Experience and training are the main operational tools for creativity improvement: they are the main tools for progress and evolution.


Leadership is an Art and a Science.

Regardless of the specific environment  we are involved in (a company, a religious group, a football team, a school, a family, a group of friends, etc.) if we want to guide ourselves and the others towards success, we must understand reality, work out strategies, and communicate effectively our ideas and will-to-win.

If we want to be great leaders, we must make the difference!


Problem-Solving is the ability to combine our knowledge and creativity to effectively neutralize negativities thus generating new value.

Superior Problem-Solving is the putting-forward ability to recognize a problem as an opportunity to discover something new that can better fulfil our needs or let our wishes come true.


Consulting is the continuous relational path that turns an organization into a reality producing actual value through a different use of its own resources.

Consulting provides us with those alternative perspectives that maximize our potential.

Consulting is useful in both good and bad times: in bad times, it accelerates problem-solving; in good times, it boosts growth.