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If you need something you've never had, you must do something you've never done: do, change, win!


With my 25-year professional experience and specific certification, I support you in achieving your life, business, or educational goals by combining problem-solving, skill development and result enhancement, thus guiding you towards success.

If you want to succeed, partner with me in customized coaching paths to find new solutions.



I will help you to:


I will help you through:


My method is a step-by-step process with 3 milestones:


Your coaching path will be:


Your main output will be:

Coaching and Training Available in English and Italian


Reading is the quickest way to success!


I write books to share my knowledge and experience with all those who want to invest in themselves and achieve their goals to succeed.

My books cover a vast range of different topics; their innovative mixture will provide you with practical and theoretical tools to solve problems, improve results, achieve satisfaction in both life and business.

For more than 25 years, I've been supporting companies, academies, and individual clients as a coach, trainer, and business consultant in organisation, management, and leadership of economic, professional, and personal change. 

Combining my extensive education and life long learning activities, I carry out research and teaching that let me develop new and creative solutions for my clients and coachees.


My books will help you to:

 My books will help you through:


 Your reading path will be:


Your main output will be:

Books Available in up to 4 Languages

▶ International English Language Coaching

International English: the language of the future!


International English is the language of the future.

Business, internet, travels have deeply impacted both global society and its most widespread language.

Enriched, flexible and effective, English has turned into an international interaction tool which connects people to let them progress in every aspect of modern life and job.

If you want to make the most of what you do, you can’t do without it.

International English: connecting people and business worldwide!

With my 25-year experience and specific certifications (TEFL, Cambridge, British Counsil), I coach:

If you want to boost your results, partner with me in a customized International English Language Coaching path.

I will help you to:

I will help you through:

Your learning path will be:

Language Coaching Available in English-to-English and Italian-to-English