Why is Coaching necessary? 

Coaching is necessary because it lets you stay tuned with our changing world, win challenges, be happy and successful in everyday life and job.

When is Coaching necessary?

Coaching is necessary when you have a problem, but it is even more necessary when you don't: when you are happy with your status, you are extremely receptive to growth and ready to examine what else you can pursue.

What is Coaching for?

Coaching enables you to effectively achieve your goals, improve your results, solve your problems. It guides you towards happiness and success.

What is Coaching for Change?

Coaching for Change is the path that provides you with new tools to experiment new behaviours and improve your results. It supports individuals and organizations in developing new skills and strategies to achieve personal, professional, or business goals.

Why should I change?

Because, nowadays, the entire world is changing at the speed of thought, thus causing unprecedented transformation in every aspect of both life and job. The world is facing new and unknown challenges that require new behaviours and skills. If you want to win such challenges, you must change: if you need something you've never had, you must do something you've never done; if don't want to change because you believe it, do it because you will profit from it!

Is Change difficult?

Not at all. Change may be a complex thing, but not necessarily a difficult one: with your coach for change, you can win your challenges and achieve your objectives. 

▶ Why is International English necessary?

Because it lets you communicate in our changing world, interact effectively with people and technology at any level in both life and job.

▶ When is International English necessary?

Always! Whatever you do and wherever you are, International English is always there: whatever the context, there is always “something that speaks” International English. If you want to be part of the world, you must be able to understand it.

▶ What is International English for?

International English enables you to stay connected to our changing world. It is the way to solve problems and achieve goals. International English includes you in the contemporary world. Without it, you are excluded.

▶ Why should I learn International English?

Because the world has changed and so has English language. From now on, if you want to succeed in our global society, you can’t do without its new language: International English. Without it, you are alone.

▶ What is International English?

International English is the kind of English which, enriched with different intercultural elements from worldwide communication and internet, is flexible, pragmatic and effective enough to let speakers come into contact and progress at any level of any purpose.

▶ What is the difference between traditional English (TE) and International English (IE)?

▶ Is International English difficult?

Not at all. International English is mainly based on a mindset change. As every change, it may be a complex thing but not necessarily a difficult one: with the right coaching path, you can easily acquire it.