A Knowledge Worker

Alessia Tiberi is a social scientist and a coach for change and innovation.

In the last 25 years, she gained professional and academic experience in communication, human behaviour, management, marketing, HR development, economics, organizational sciences and practices.

She collaborated with companies, academies, and universities, as well as with individual clients.

She is an independent coach, trainer, consultant and researcher. 

She authors books, essays and articles, and she ghostwrites on behalf of academic, management, and art professionals.

Her mission is to help individuals and organizations to understand what to do to lead and not undergo the epochal change we are experiencing.

Her vision is based on a non-obvious perspective as the key strategy to develop awareness, change, and improvement. 

Her professional principles are the the key drivers to develop ad hoc plans to solve problems and improve results for her customers.

In 2020 she founded POINTGLOBAL, an international network of professionals supporting people in leading change. 

She currently leads it.